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Van Rossen PhotoGraphics.

More then a quarter of a century has passed since I borrowed a Pentex Spotmatic 35mm camera to take my first photography class. The excitement, artistry and passion for photography I first felt back then still drives me to achieve excellence today. I now divide my time between photographing the tremendous beauty of the Northwest and the equally creative and challenging world gemstone and Jewelry Photography.

juryLapRingFullFor the past 35 years my commercial work has centered on the unique challenges of photographing jewelry and gemstones. Through assignments and diligent research I have tested almost every jewelry and gemstone photography set-up used today. This has led me to improve on what others have done and to design and perfect new set-ups. Now after literally thousands of photographs for customers’ advertising projects, I can offer an unsurpassed expertise in this field.

I transitioned from film to digital almost ten years ago. Having started in film where everything had to done in the camera t achieve an outstanding image gives me unique view of photography in the digital age. Today when doing “visual acquisition” (what happen to taking a photo) I engineer the project with decisions as to what is best done in the camera and what need to be done in Photoshop. Today I work with the merging of reality and the virtual. Working with the full range of the digital media leads to a new standard of visual quality that is expected today.